Born and raised in the Houston,TX DJ Grip grew up around music ever since he was a child. Being exposed to genres of music ranging from Rock,Techno,Country to Rap."I can honestly say Ive listened to almost every genre of music as a I grew up, I taught myself how to play the guitar when i was only 12 years old, and was in a band by the age of 14."Grip adds. But as Grip entered into High School in 1998 there was a new style of music emerging throughout the country's 4th largest city. The southern slowed or "screw" movement began to become a force not only in Houston but the rest of Texas. "I remember in High School we jammed Screw and Swisha House because it was different, we didn't want to jam what everyone else was jamming, we wanted ours screwed up."Grip remembers. Houston super artist that you now see everywhere today were just local names growing up for DJ Grip. "I saw first hand artist like Lil Flip, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, & Chamillionaire come from selling mix-tapes just in just Houston to selling albums world wide, so that was very motivational for me."


After graduating High school it was time for Grip to move on with his life. "I remember from like 2000-2002 I was young and getting into trouble. My family pretty much told me I had to move to Austin to live with my brother, because it would be good for me to get out of Houston." At the age of 18 he would make that move to Austin to go to school at a community college and eventually transfer to Texas State, but school would only entertain for so long. 1 year after his move to Austin, DJing would come calling. "I was tired of buying CD's so I just started making my own mixes on my computer, then the next thing you know I went bought some shitty turntables and started practicing all day and night". While coming along as an aspiring DJ, now business partner DJ Since(a respected DJ and business owner at the time) would take an interest in Grip, eventually forming Dollaz N Since Ent together. Fast Forward 2012. Grip's dedication, hardwork and respect of the DJ craft has earned him and "DNSFAM" over 10 nominations at the Southern Entertainment Awards ranging from Best Skillz, Best Intro and Best Rap Mix Of The Year. Along wih mutiple magazine features, South By Southwest appearances, show bookings and more.



At the age of 29 DJ Grip has accomplished more than what most can say they have in a lifetime. In just 8 years of DJin, DJ Grip has risen to success throughout the south thanks in part to fellow partner and CEO of Dollaz N Since Ent. DJ Since. Having worked with and opened for legends/industry elites including Wiz Khalifa, UGK, Gorilla Zoe, YMCMB,Rick Ross, Slim Thug, Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, DMX, Fabolous, Ne-Yo, Miguel and others, DJ Grip & DJ Since's Dollaz N Since movement has steady rose up the ranks in Texas.  In just 4 years DJ Grip & DJ Since have distributed over 100,000 mix-tapes to the southern region and beyond, while Grip has separated himself from other DJs with his top of the line blends and remixes. After a 4 year stint as a top radio DJ in Austin, DJ Grip has relied heavily on mix-tapes, producing, and working with up and coming talent(Basswood Lane,Lil Sicc,Ice B,Gerald G,Kyle Lee,Tony Dinero, and more) to cement his and Dollaz N Since's legacy in the game. DJ Grip & DJ Since's "Down In Texas" mix-tape series has been stirring up talk all over the south with its originality and quality considering most mix-tapes DJ's do everything BUT mix. When its all said and done Grip has become a well known DJ in the Texas and southern region, best known for his highly acclaimed mixtapes(Down In Texas,Anti Broke,GRIP etc)and his energetic club/concert performances. DJ Grip is definitely someone to get to know and network with!